OYRTMA Reiterates Commitment To Professionalism, Rewards Exceptional Zonal, Unit Commands

From left: GM Mr. Adeoye Ademola, Major Adekoya Adesagba--Chairman (RTD) and DAGS, Mr. Jimoh Akeem during the presentation of award to the Zonal Command 

In order to encourage them to be more dedicated and exhibit the good work ethic and professionalism, the Oyo State Road Transport Management Agency (OYRTMA), has rewarded its officers, the best zonal and unit commands.

This was a result of their displayed of exceptional professionalism and commitment to duty for the month of January, 2024.

While speaking and charging men and officers of Agency on Thursday at its operational headquarters, Secretariat, Ibadan, the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the Agency, Major Adekoya Adesagba (rtd), stated that the rewards were part of the agency’s efforts to motivate its officers and encourage professionalism in the discharge of their duties.

According to him, the officers and commands were rewarded for their diligence in the enforcement of traffic laws, especially during the Yuletide season when there was an increase in traffic activities in the state.

Major Adesagba further stated that the awards were given to the officers and commands in various categories, adding that the Agency will continue to promote professionalism and reward those who display excellence in their line of duty.

Furthermore, he stated that the agency will continue to collaborate with relevant agencies and stakeholders in the state to ensure the safety of the people of the state, especially those who use public transport.

He said the agency is committed to providing a safe and conducive environment for all road users in the state.

“This occasion is not merely a ceremony; it is a celebration of the dedication, professionalism, and unwavering commitment that define our organisation.

“In assessing the best-performing commands, we have considered various criteria that reflect the core values of OYRTMA, Professionalism stands at the forefront of our evaluation, emphasising the importance of adherence to standards, regulations, and ethical conduct in all our endeavors. Our officers are not only ambassadors of road safety but also exemplars of integrity and excellence in their conduct.

“Work ethics form the bedrock of our operations, underscoring the significance of diligence, responsibility, and accountability in every task we undertake. The exemplary work ethic displayed by our officers sets the gold standard for efficiency and reliability in public service.

“Competency is another crucial aspect of our assessment, highlighting the proficiency and expertise demonstrated by our officers in fulfilling their duties.

“Whether it is managing traffic flow, addressing road safety concerns, or providing assistance to motorists, our officers exhibit commendable competence in every facet of their work.

“Feedback responsiveness is equally vital, as it reflects our commitment to continuous improvement and stakeholder engagement.

“By actively seeking acting upon feedback from the public and our colleagues, we demonstrate our dedication to enhancing our services and addressing the needs of our community effectively.

“Furthermore, our emphasis on maintaining people-friendly postures underscores our commitment to fostering positive relationships and building trust with the public.

“Through empathy, respect, and professionalism, we strive to create a conducive environment for collaboration and cooperation with all stakeholders.

“Last but not least, the generation of Internal Generated Revenue (IGR) is a testament to our organization’s financial resourcefulness.

“By maximizing revenue generation opportunities, we ensure the continued growth and development of Oyo State by contributing to the State’s IGR, therefore, enabling us to fulfill our mandate more effectively vis a vis our enforcement strategies leading to an increased IGR for the state.

“To the recipients of today’s awards, I extend my heartfelt congratulations. Your exemplary performance and outstanding contributions have not gone unnoticed, and you serve as role models for your peers.

“Your dedication to excellence reflects the values that define OYRTMA, and I commend you for your exceptional achievements.

“As we celebrate the accomplishments of our best-performing commands, let us recommit ourselves to upholding the highest standards of professionalism, work ethics, competency, feedback responsiveness, people-friendly postures, and revenue generation.

“Together, let us continue to strive for excellence and innovation in all aspects of our work, ensuring the safety, well-being, and prosperity of our community.

“Thank you for your unwavering commitment and dedication to the mission of OYRTMA. Your service is truly commendable, and I am honored to lead such an exceptional team. Congratulations once again, and may we continue to achieve great success together,” Adesagba said.

In his response on behalf of other recognizing officers, Mr. Adesokan Saheed Ademola, who is the Sanyo Zonal Command, appreciated the state governor, Engr. Seyi Makinde and Chairman of the the Agency for the initiative.

He said that the initiative is to boost the moral and encourage the men and officers of the Agency.

Adesokan added that this will go a long way in encourage the officers to more dedicated, committed and exhibit good work ethic and professionalism in the discharge of their duties to promote the image of the Agency.

Sanyo Zonal Command received the best zonal command, while Molete Unit command and received the best unit command for the month of January 2024.

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