Nigeria at 62: Hassan Giwa Calls For Renew Commitment Among Politicians

Arc Hassan Gwia

As Nigerians are celebrating the Independence anniversary of their dear country, renowned architect and Chairman of Hassan Olawale Giwa (HOG) Foundation, Hassan Giwa has called for a renewed commitment particularly among the politicians.

Architect Giwa, in his message to Nigerians, commended them for the commitment and endurance they have exhibited over the years, believing that there is going to be a light at the end of the tunnel.

He said that the onus is on the leadership to acknowledge, appreciate and justify the trust and hope the common people have in them.

As the country is going to the polls in less than five months, Giwa enjoined Nigerians to use the opportunity before them to reawaken their consciousness towards a better governance to elect the leadership that have capacity to change the fortune of this country for better.

According to the philanthropist, “I want to use the opportunity of this year’s Independence Day celebration to greet Nigerians, men and women, old and young, for the trust, hope, love, commitment and endurance they have exhibited for the survival of our dear country. I want to assure you that there is hope for Nigeria.

“To our leaders, I want to appeal to you to renew your commitment to this country to ensure good governance and rule of law to be able to justify the trust the common people have in you.

“As we are approaching election years, let us choose those who are capable, competent and have capability to give us good leadership, deliver good governance and change the fortune of this country for the better.

“Let us shun violence, thuggery and hooliganism, let open our eyes and elect the people that will not renege on the campaign promises, the people that have the fear of God and finally, let defend our votes,” Arc Hassan Giwa said.

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