MUSCOYs Seeks Prosecution Of Suspected Ritualists

From left: Chief Missioner, MUSCOYs, Dr. Daud Amoo-Alaga, Chairman MUSCOYs, Alhaji Is'haq Kunle Sanni, Vice Chairman, Ibadan Muslim Community, Alhaji Abubakar Olasupo and Secretary General MUSCOYs, Alhaji Murisiku Siyanbade during the press briefing

The Muslim Community of Oyo State (MUSCOYs) has called for thorough investigation and prosecution of three suspected ritualists caught with fresh human skull by the operatives of the Nigeria Police Force.

The leadership of the MUSCOYs, who promised to follow the case until justice is met on the culprits, assured that the disciplinary committee to maintain sanity in the teaching and practice of Islam in the state will be set up.

Clarifying the issues surrounding the arrest of the three suspected ritualists on Saturday, the Chairman of the Muslim Community of Oyo State, Alhaji Is’haq Kunle Sanni, expressed that the news is not only shocking but also egregious because the action is a strange phenomenon is Islam as a religion.

Alhaji Kunle Sanni explained that two of the suspects, Mallam Muibi Ramoni Opeyemi (Alubarika) and Mallam Taofeeq Olalekan Kabeloun are Muslims while the third person, Tayo Akinrinola is Christian.

He added that there is no need for any religion colouration to be added to the incident.

The MUSCOYs chairman maintained that the two suspected Mallams, Ramoni and Taofeeq have been dissociated from mosques in their different communities as a result of their unislamic mannerism, aggressive in search for money and living a live not in tandem with a good Muslim.

The Islamic scholar expressed that the looks at the idols seen within premises of the two Mallams by the operatives of the Nigeria Police Force have shown that they worship other creatures apart from almighty Allah.

It will be recalled that three suspects; Muibi Ramoni Opeyemi, Taofeeq Olalekan Kabeloun and Tayo Akinrinola were caught with fresh human parts a few days ago in Ibadan.

Speaking on the way forward, Alhaji Sanni urged the people not to take the laws into their hands, saying that the Muslim Community of Oyo State is prepared to follow the prosecution of the suspects to the logical conclusion.

He also charged parents to be watchful of the Mallams teaching their children knowledge of Islam and report any Islamic cleric or Mallam, who engages in practices with aliens to Islam to the appropriate authorities for investigation.

Alhaji Sanni also assured that the League of Imams and Alfas led by the Chief Imam of Ibadan land has concluded plans to set up a disciplinary committee where any Islamic cleric suspected to be engaged in unlawful activities would be reported for investigations.

“Report them, if anyone is spending money recklessly, report them. Anyone that we want to put forward as a leader, we must check their background. We will follow the case up. We say we will follow the case up. We will follow it to a logical conclusion.

“We should be watchful of the Mallams teaching our children the knowledge of Islam.

“The league of Imams and Alfas led by the Chief Imam of Ibadan land, Alhaji Abdulganiy Abubakri Agbotomokekere is setting up a disciplinary committee where Mallams suspected of engaging in kufr practices alien to the Islamic culture would be reported for investigation and punishment that may lead to being ostracized from the league.

“While we call for caution and appeal to Muslims not to take laws into their hands, we want the public to know of our preparedness to follow the prosecution of these men of evil to its logical conclusion,” Alhaji Is’haq Kunle Sanni said.

By Adekunle Adegboyega


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