Bayelsa Governor Admonishes FG To Tackle injustice As Makinde Flags Off Oyo/Fashola/Iseyin, Airport Roads

The Governor of Bayelsa State, Duoye Diri has called on the Federal Government to ensure that it gives attention to all cases of perverse injustice across the country, saying that doing so will guarantee peace that the people are clamouring for.

Noting that perverse injustice across the country is the bane of the crisis that is making peace elusive among the people, Governor Diri urged the FG to ensure it is on the same page with the people in their bid to give the desired leadership to the people.

Diri made the calls on Thursday in Oyo in a goodwill message at a ceremony to flag off the 34.85km Oyo/Fashola/Iseyin road.

The event which was held at Ojongbodu Grammar School, Oyo was attended by government functionaries, traditional rulers, former and serving lawmakers, community leaders, religious leaders among other stakeholders.

Bayelsa State governor, who commended his Oyo State counterpart, Governor Seyi Makinde for endeavour to embark on such a project at a time like this in the country called on the people of the state to give the needed support to the state government.

According to him, “we are happy today to see a flag off almost turning out to be a second term campaign of my friend.

“When my brother colleague requested that I join him today to flag off this all important road, I tried to find out why. I discovered that this road means so much to the people of Oyo and the people of Iseyin.

“And when I went and probed further, I realised that this road has so much economic value for as much as geographic value.

“Let me salute my friend and brother, the one you fondly call GSM for his vision and commitment to serve his people diligently.

“The best is that you have a governor who is a people’s governor and driving from Ibadan to Oyo, shows that Governor Seyi Makinde is the people’s governor.

“Projects like this are very difficult to embark on in the times we are into in Nigeria. It takes a man of courage, vision and love for the people to embark on a project like this.

“So, I believe that as we flag off this road project in Oyo and Iseyin, this road project will be completed in record time.

“For us as a people of Oyo State, what we need to do is to give support to your son as the governor of Oyo state. And ensure that there is no hitch while this project is in the process of being completed.

“We are bonded together as a people and we want the quality of leadership that Seyi Makinde is giving in Oyo in Nigeria.

“I came in here and all I can smell is a peaceful environment. No killings and that is because the people and the government of Oyo State are one and the same. They are on the same page.

“Can we say the same thing about the Federal Government of Nigeria? They have to be on the same page with the people. When you are on the same page with the people, there will be peace.

“And the peace that we are all shouting and looking for can only come when there is justice.

“If Seyi Makinde is a governor of injustice, you will never be happy the way I see you today. And so, today, we are to flag off, but when we come some other time, we will tell ourselves the whole truth.

“Continue to support your government, continue to support your son, Engineer Seyi Makinde; continue to support the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

“And as we keep delivering the dividends of democracy in all PDP states, come 2023, by God’s grace, we will deliver PDP and Nigeria will no longer be a killing field.”

The federal road project being handled by Messrs Kopek Construction was originally awarded at the cost of N8.4 billion but was increased to N9.9 billion last in a bid to meet the federal specifications.

Speaking earlier, Governor Seyi Makinde debunked insinuations that he is already plunging the state into debts describing the news as fake.

He explained that the increase in the project cost was as a result of increasing the width of the road from 10.75m to 12.75m among others, adding that the state government is executing the project using the Alternate Project Funding Approach (APFA).

His words, “some people are still confused as to how we are still flagging off projects when some states are finding it difficult to pay salaries. They do not understand how we are raising Oyo State’s Internally Generated Revenue (IGR), building our economy and engineering a modern Oyo State.

“And so, what do they do? They go to town with stories. Seyi Makinde is taking on hidden debts. He is going to turn our children into slaves. The debt he is leaving, we don’t know how many years it will take us to pay it. All lies, fake news and disinformation.

“Our secret to carrying on these projects is the Alternate Project Funding Approach (APFA). And I can say it’s an open secret. Because from when we started using it, we have always been open and transparent about it.

“With APFA, the contractor funds the project, and we pay back over an agreed period of time. And let me make this clear: you have my word that not one Naira will be left unpaid to any contractor under APFA at the end of our current tenure.

“For example, for this project, which was awarded in June this year, the repayment period is 17 months. This means that the project will be completed before all the repayments are made. However, the last repayment will be made by December 2022.

“So, do not allow anyone to confuse you—road construction is a big part of our engineering in modern Oyo State. The building of roads forms the foundation of the development of all other sectors of the four pillars of our governance as clearly outlined in our Roadmap to Accelerated Development in Oyo State, 2019-2023.

“You need good roads to drive to healthcare centres. Without good roads, our children cannot go to school. How will our farmers get to the markets if the roads are bad? And no matter how many vehicles we give to security agencies, how will they be able to get to people in trouble when the roads are bad?

“So, we will continue to build a viable road network for our dear state. This is the path to sustainable development. We look forward to coming back here in seven months to commission this 34.85km Oyo-Iseyin Road to the glory of God and for the benefit of the good people of Oyo State.”

The governor, thereafter, flagged off the dualisation of the Airport road, Alakia where he was accompanied by former Governor, Dr Omololu Olunloyo.

The road which forms part of the 10.8km road awarded at a cost of N4.9billion on Wednesday is to be named after Dr Omololu Olunloyo.


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