Oyo To Overhaul State Secretariat, Government House, Others Electrical Infrastructure With Over #700 Million

Governor Seyi Makinde

*Approves Additional Scope Of Work On Iseyin-Fashola-Oyo Road With 1.5 Billion

A sum of #710 million has been approved by the Oyo State government to overhaul electrical infrastructure at the state Secretariat, Government House and other adjourning facilities.

The Commissioner for Energy and Solid Minerals, Barrister Seun Ashamu, disclosed after the Executive Council meeting on Wednesday.

The commissioner, who explained that there would be about 14 kilometers of cable to be laid underground, changed some transformers and other technical works. He added that most of the electrical facilities have spanned over 30 years.

He noted that the project was estimated to cost N710 million and that it would be executed within the period of six months.

According to him, “in essence, what we are going to be doing is that we will have about 14 kilometers of cabling; armored and unarmored, which is going to be underground and we will replace all of the transformers as well.

“This will actually bring a new face to the state government and its infrastructure and will also importantly key into the vision that His Excellency, Governor Seyi Makinde has for the state to have an independent power project; and this will enable us to derive maximum benefit from such a  project.

“The timeline within which the project is expected to be delivered is in the next six months, definitely before mid-2022 and the total cost is set at N710 million. Like I said, it would complement the IPP,” Ashamu said.

Also, the state Executive Council has approved an additional scope of work on the 34.85 kilometres Iseyin-Fashola-Oyo road project.

The additional scope of work, according to the Commissioner for Public Works and Infrastructure, Prof. Dahud Sangodoyin, includes extra width, stone base and thickness of 12.5 mm in line with the federal government road specifications.

The Commissioner explained that the additional scope of work would cost N1.5 billion, summing up the entire project cost to N9.9 billion.

The Commissioner stated that the project was initially approved last July and had since received a positive nod from the federal government.

He stressed that the road would not only connect the Fashola Agribusiness Industrial Hub, but will equally create ease of doing business and positively impact the state’s economy.

According to Prof. Sangodoyin, “you will recall that at the 12th Executive Council meeting, we actually awarded the entire scope of work which is 34.85km based on state specifications. But in a meeting with the federal government, the Minister of Works and Housing, said that the state is to conform with the federal government specifications so we now have to do some adjustments and it implies some cost.

“What we did is to increase the width of the road which was 10.5m, to 12.75m, which is the federal government specification. Also, some other items like stone base and the binder’s cost and some other things that we have to put in place to make it conform to the federal government specifications have been added.

“The additional scope to the job is about N1.5 billion and it is added to the initial cost of the project that was awarded in July, which is N8.4 billion; and so, now, the total cost of the entire road is N9.9 billion.

“The road is to be completed within a period of 12 months and it will be funded through the Alternative Project Funding Approach (APFA).

“The implication is that after a while that the project must have been achieved, the government continues to pay on a monthly basis for 17 months.”



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