Maulud Nabiy : Oyo FOMWAN Urges Nigerians To Exemplify Good Character Always

The Federation of Muslim Women’s Associations in Nigeria, FOMWAN Oyo State chapter has felicitated with Muslims in Nigeria on the celebration of the noble birth of Prophet Muhammad, SAW and has urged Nigerians to be of good and sublime character always.

The Oyo State FOMWAN Amirah, Alhaja(Dr) B.B Oloso gave the advice in Ibadan in her 2021 Eid-ul-Maulud message to the Muslims and the country at large.

Alhaja Oloso said Prophet Muhammad was described by Allah in the Quran as having the best of character adding that he was known throughout Makkah as a truthful and honest person even before he was commissioned a Prophet .

She therefore condemned the level of moral decadence in Nigeria and said that for the Nation to experience greatness, peace and accelerated development the leaders and the led must exhibit and imbibe good moral character and avoid bad behaviors always.

“In Quran Chapter 68 verse 4, Allah says Prophet Muhammad is surely on an exalted and sublime character. This shows that perfection of noble and moral character is one of the objectives of the divine mission of Prophet Muhammad, SAW. No nation will progress if it citizens continue to engage in illicit and immoral behavior. The level of social vices across the Country is alarmingly disturbing. It is time for us to purify our souls and desist from all inglorious activities” She said

The Oyo State FOMWAN Amirah urged Nigerians to show love and kindness to themselves and tolerate and accommodate one another regardless of differences in tribe, religion and political affiliation.

This is just as she quoted Quran chapter 5 verse 8 where Allah says ” Do not let the hatred of others make you to wrong them and depart from justice. Be just that’s next to piety”

“We should use this year’s Maulud Nabiy to retrace our steps and engage more in righteous deeds. Let us say No to corruption at all levels. We must rise up to condemn kidnappings, armed robberies, banditry and all other forms of social vices. The rise in ritual killings and money making under the guise of the popular Yahoo should be condemned and addressed. Prostitution, fornication, abortion, child abuse, drug abuse, certificate forgery, lying, injustice, betrayal, treachery, indecent dressing, smoking, and all forms of cheatings and fraudulent activities should end in our midst. As giant of Africa,we must uphold high moral and ethical standards and principles at all times” She counselled

Alhaja Oloso who congratulated all Muslim Women across the Country on the celebration of the birth of Prophet Muhammad, SAW charged them to do more in instilling discipline and morals in their children right from childhood.

“Our Prophet Muhammad, SAW said in one of his Hadith that I have been sent to perfect noble character” hence as parents we must train our children to be pious and responsible individuals when they grow old.”

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