TITAN Farms Boss Pledges Support To Boxing, Host WBF Champ, ‘Scorpion’

From L-R: Chairman TITAN Farms Chief Gbenga Eyiolawi, WBF Champion Ridwan 'Scorpion' Oyekola and his manager Sola Ayodele

The Chairman of a leading agro and allied firm in Ibadan, TITAN Farms, Chief Gbenga Eyiolawi has pledges support to the boxing sport while receiving the current WBF Champ, Ridwan Scorpion Oyekola in his office today.

The CEO of Core Afrique Boxing Promotion (COABOX), Sola Ayodele who doubles as the manager of Oyekola while making speech explained challenges faced before winning the title and challenge they are facing defending it.

COABOX boss however pointed out potentials and mileage derivable from boxing as a sport due to awareness raised by many successes of Nigerian boxers in recent times.

TITAN boss in his response reiterated his support to sport in general, saying the focus of his brand has always center on entertainment before but had recently shifted towards sports because of its unifying factor.

he urged Scorpion not to allow challenges faced before or after becoming a champion to dampen his morale, as there’s more ground for him to cover if he doesn’t allow challenges faced to slow him down.

“People asked me why we invest so much in Ibadan as against Lagos or Abuja that most people will preferred, but I do answer them that if you do your local community proud, it will be easier for you to spread your tentacles to everywhere in the world, just as the saying that Charity begins at home” He noted.

Adding that “if you do anything in Ibadan and you’re successful at it, you will succeed anywhere in the world, that’s the reality.

the feat you achieved here is what you will achieve anywhere else, the location my be different, but the goal is the same”.

The Are Kebimapalu of Ibadan however urged the boxer not be discouraged by negative attitude of some people towards him, saying that he had made Ibadan and Nigeria proud and they must celebrate him.

“what makes you a champion is not that you won the belt, but that you overcome every challenges that you encounter while holding and defending the belt.

“As a brand, our core focus was on entertainment but recently. we’re shifting focus to sports. we started this by have a football formed within members of staffs here which basically to keep us fit, and beyond that sport is a phonemenal that stand as a unifying force and that’s what we’re try to preach as a brand and if other firm can tap into that by supporting our sports, the Nation’s economy will move forward greatly” he concluded.

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