Suave Group Opens Corporate Office, Signs Actress, Azaria As Brand Ambassador  

The management of Suave Group has unveiled actress, Ázaria’ Deola Layade as the brand ambassador of the company. Suave Group is an alternative asset investment company engaging in agriculture, real estate and transportation.

At the unveiling of the brand ambassador and grand opening of the company’s Corporate Office, CEO of the company, Ayomide Afolabi stated that Suave Group is established with a mission to create platform for investors to achieve their investment objectives leveraging on technology, strategic business partnership and industrial linkages.

He described Suave Group as an organization which identifies wealth opportunity and impact projects with focus on building businesses around those opportunities.

Afolabi expressed his delight that the company is currently embarking on production of agricultural farm produce which include Tomato Farm Project and Mixed Veggies Project.

The young entrepreneur assured the clients and potential investors of safety of their fund, saying that the group is in collaboration with insurance partners, cooperative credit and investment society license.

Reacting to government policy towards agriculture, he emphasized that now is the right time to get involved in agriculture, stating that government decisions on border closure and increasing local production have forced local production and consumption to increase which is good for the farmers.

Ázaria’ Deola Layade

On the choice of the brand ambassador of the company, Afolabi described Deola Layade as a personality that represents the organization’s versatility. He added that Layade is not only an actress; she is a baker, chef and a psychologist.

He maintained that the newly unveiled Suave Group brand ambassador, Deola Layade is one of the personalities willing to break every frontier, revealing that bringing her on board is going to be an advantage to the organization.

While advising the government and potential investors, Afolabi encouraged the government to be more proactive in terms of policy making especially as related to agriculture and manufacturing sectors.

“I want to encourage the government that more proactive policy should be brought on board especially in the agriculture and manufacturing sector, it will make access to finance easier for people who are involved in agriculture and manufacturing. And for potential investors, my advice is that they have found a brand which they can trust, we are a wealthy place and we have put in every measure in terms of expertise, in terms of oversight and structure to safeguard yours funds and ensure you always smile to the bank.”

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