Abass Adigun Donates Medical Equipment To Hospitals, Health Centers In Ibadan North-East/South-East Federal Constituency

Hospitals, health and maternity centers across Ibadan South East/North East federal constituency have benefited from distribution of medical equipment donated by Hon. Abass Adigun.

Hon. Adigun, is a member representing the constituency in the House of Representatives, Abuja. The lawmaker expressed that the gesture is to improve healthcare delivery in the constituency.

In a press release by Director of Media and Communication to the lawmaker, Aremu Ibraheem, said the purpose of the gesture is to enhance healthcare system and assisting residents of Ibadan South East/North East constituency to have access to quality healthcare delivery.

Hon. Adigun, who is the Vice Chairman, House Committee on Air force, expressed that the distribution of medical equipment to hospitals, health and maternity centers is a reflection of his commitment to improve the standard of living and health condition of the people in the constituency.

The equipment were distributed at Ibadan South East and North East Local Government headquarters located at Mapo and Iwo-Road, Ibadan, where he commended the state Governor, Engr, Seyi Makinde for upgrading the standard of primary health centers in the state.

Hon. Abass Adigun promised the constituents more commitment on people-oriented projects to celebrate his second year in office.

Directors of the Primary Healthcare in the two council areas, Dr. Bosede and Dr. Mary, who received the equipment, said that the initiative will help to address the deficit in the health centers in the constituency.

They appreciated the gesture of Hon. Abass Adigun who deemed it fit to donate medical equipment for the benefit of the people.

Some of the items distributed include: single bed, hospital bed with mattress, examination couch, artery forceps (medium), bed pan (stainless steel), brinal (female) steel

Bowls (stainless steel stainless), standing fan, metal chairs, stainless covered bowl for cotton wool, graduated medicine cup (stainless steel), dissecting forceps and dressing scissors.

Other equipment are listed below:

Sponge holding forceps

Dressing trolley (Stainless stilt)

Dressing Forceps

Drinking mug stainless steel

Dust bin (pedal) metal

Gallipots (medium)

Gloves disposal packs of 50

Syringes and needles, pack

of 100 (2cc & 5cc)

Stainless instrument tray

Forceps jar

Solar rechargeable lamp

Rechargeable lamp with


Kidney dish (large stainless steel)

Length measures for babies

Mackintosh sheet (Thick)

Medicine cupboard

Instrument Cabinet

Refrigerator medium

Binocular Microscope

Microscope cover slide (pack

of 100)

Test tube rack

Blood Lancet (Pack of 100)

Stool Specimen bottles

Urine Dipstick for sugar and

Albumin (Pack of 110)

Bed Screen (Stainless Frame)

Wall clock

Sphygmomanometer(mercurial, table top)


Diagnostic Set


Sterilizing Drums (set of 3)

Stitch removal / suture scissors

Writing table

Swivel stool

: Incision and Drainage kit

Suture kit

Tape measure

Thermometer (oral)

Thermometer (rectal)

Suction Pump

Weighing scale (Adult)

Weighing scale (Child)

Filing cabinet

Angle polished lamp

Pen touch

Drip stand

Bed sheets & Pillow case

Pedal bin icon otype


Mop buckets

Sterilizer (medium) 15 Litre

PHECDA/Standard Bidding Document for Pmcum


Buckets (plastic)

Drinking Mug

Fire Extinguisher (9kg)

Delivery couch with stirrups

Nursery Cots with Mattress

Baby dressing table for


Centrifuge manual vacuum

Manual Aspiration Set

Trolley patient stretcher

Microcuvette for Hb 3×1/Box 2XX

Fetoscope stainless steel



MUACTapes (Nutrition)

Malaria RDT kits

Speculum Vagina (sime) set

of 3

Bucket with Tap

Mucus Extractor

Ambu Bag with Face mask

Table Top Cooker


Set of Aluminum Pot &


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