Yobe, Taraba, Adamawa Top List Of States With Lowest IGR

The National Bureau of Statistic (NBS) has listed Yobe, Taraba and Adamawa states as states with least of Internally Generated Revenue in the year 2020.

NBS also listed Lagos, Rivers, and the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) as top three states with the highest IGR.

This contained in the agency report titled ‘Internally Generated Revenue At State Level (Q4 And Full Year 2020)’.

Data from the agency also revealed that the 36 states of the Federation and FCT generated approximately N1.31 trillion in the year under review.

The amount generated by the states represents a fall of N20 billion compared with the N1.33 trillion recorded as of the end of 2019.

“This indicates a negative growth of -1.93 per cent year on year. Similarly, the Q4, 2020 states and FCT IGR figure hits N335.25bn compared to N338.57bn recorded in Q3, 2020.

“This indicates a negative growth of -0.98 per cent quarter on quarter,” the report published on Friday read.

It added, “Lagos State has the highest Internally Generated Revenue with N418.99bn recorded, closely followed by Rivers with N117.19bn, while Yobe State recorded the least Internally Generated revenue.”

In 2020, Lagos generated N418,988,587,897.11 revenue, while Rivers and FCT recorded IGR of N117,189,729,245.29 and N92,059,700,897.42 respectively.

The three states were followed by Delta (N59,732,882,662.97), Kaduna (N50,768,523,407.34), Ogun (N50,749,595,850.07), Oyo (N38,042,733,036.47), Kano (N31,819,816,711.74), Akwa Ibom (N30,696,770,278.06) and Anambra (N28,009,906,580.48), to complete the top 10.

On the other hand, the 10 states with the lowest IGR included Borno (N11,578,518,120.67), Katsina (N11,399,650,509.67), Niger (N10,524,281,921.17), Benue (N10,463,674,280.73), and Ekiti (N8,716,460,193.84).

Others were Jigawa (N8,667,720,607.78), Gombe (N8,537,983,927.43), Adamawa (N8,329,870,706.65), Taraba (N8,114,973,143.14), and Yobe (N7,779,631,175.54).

See the list of states with their IGR in 2020 below:


1 LAGOS N418,988,587,897.11 32.08

2 RIVERS N117,189,729,245.29 8.97

3 FCT N92,059,700,897.42 7.05

4 Delta N59,732,882,662.97 4.57

5 Kaduna N50,768,523,407.34 3.89

6 Ogun N50,749,595,850.07 3.89

7 Kano N38,042,733,036.47 2.91

8 Oyo N31,819,816,711.74 2.44

9 Akwa Ibom N30,696,770,278.06 2.35

10 Anambra N28,009,906,580.48 2.14

11 Edo N27,184,350,734.90 2.08

12 Ondo N24,848,466,192.88 1.90

13 Enugu N23,650,723,357.00 1.81

14 Osun N19,668,371,916.01 1.51

15 Kwara N19,604,303,787.64 1.50

16 Plateau N19,122,375,801.59 1.46

17 Zamfara N18,499,252,091.61 1.42

18 Kogi N17,357,833,531.99 1.33

19 Imo N17,081,878,984.93 1.31

20 Cross River N16,183,341,456.32 1.24

21 Abia N14,376,871,322.30 1.10

22 Kebbi N13,778,260,800.14 1.05

23 Ebonyi N13,591,038,584.15 1.04

24 Bauchi N12,502,599,363.55 0.96

25 Nasawara N12,476,738,650.15 0.96

26 Bayelsa N12,180,775,243.00 0.93

27 Sokoto N11,796,827,128.19 0.90

28 Borno N11,578,518,120.67 0.89

29 Katsina N11,399,650,509.67 0.87

30 Niger N10,524,281,921.17 0.81

31 Benue N10,463,674,280.73 0.80

32 Ekiti N8,716,460,193.84 0.67

33 Jigawa N8,667,720,607.78 0.66

34 Gombe N8,537,983,927.43 0.65

35 Adamawa N8,329,870,706.65 0.64

36 Taraba N8,114,973,143.14 0.62

37 Yobe N7,779,631,175.54 0.60

38 Total N1,306,075,020,099.92

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